Bryan Young's Kitchen provides catering, event planning, and liquor service. Prices are based on per person basis and seasonal food prices, time of the event and amount of food. All prices are subject of Missouri state sales tax.


Third Degree Glass Factory


Sheldon Concert Hall


The Rialto Ballroom


Mad Art Gallery





The Carriage House at DeMenil






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Food Price Ranges

Breakfast:  $7.75 - 14.00

Lunch:  $7.75 - 25.00

Dinner seated:  $23.00 - 50.00

Buffet dinner:  $25.00 - 50.00

Cocktail parties:  $15.00 - 45.00



Feast Magazine 2012

"Bryan Young is a great caterer. A true food and party expert. He got his start at Balaban’s many years ago and has since made a tremendous impact on our culinary scene, not only for his creativity in the kitchen but for iconic kindness and warmth."